Managing your money is tough, and everyone has a different opinion. Once you get the hang of the basics of personal finance, you can feel more confident about what you do with your money.

"How to be Financially Strong plus Happy All Along"
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Book on Personal
Finance -
Right Now
  Workshops for  

a)  Working Adults

b)  Young Career Seekers

c)  Young Teens

d)  Home Makers

(We conduct both inhouse and public workshop on building financial capability)
Personal Financial Literacy in collaboration with Universities, Colleges and Schools.

Providing financial guide to an average family- Gupta Family and Financial Lessons.


CA. Rishi Khator
Right Now is an effort to spread Personal Financial Literacy. We sincerely believe that the nation of financial literate people will be beeming with growth, financial prosperity and wealth accumulation.
Financial literate person will save more, invest well, smartly manage his insurance & loans and adequately accumulate for retirement.

Our knowledge partner is Chunder Khator & Associates. www.chunderkhator.com

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