Managing your money is tough, and everyone has a different opinion. Once you get the hang of the basics of personal finance, you can feel more confident about what you do with your money.

"How to be Financially Strong plus Happy All Along"
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(We conduct both inhouse and public workshop on building financial capability)
Personal Financial Literacy in collaboration with Universities, Colleges and Schools.

Providing financial guide to an average family- Gupta Family and Financial Lessons.

 For Young Career Seekers
A college education acts as a conduit to higher social and economic class as well as lifetime financial stability. As colleges and universities prepare graduates to be effective consumers, savers, investors, borrowers, employees, entrepreneurs, citizens and effective participants in a global economy, financial competency is an important element to consider. Ability to manage personal finance improves efficiency. Financial education has been shown not only to enhance students’ knowledge levels, but also to have a lasting positive impact on their financial behaviors.

As a college student you have been spending money, either from allowances or earnings. It is extremely important to inculcate constructive habits of budgeting, saving, effectively managing life risks, borrowing wisely and investing prudently, early in life, which contribute to long-term financial well being and wealth.

Your College/University has teamed up with Right Now to create dynamic and participatory sessions that builds students’ capability to start off on the right financial foot after graduation.

Right Now course empowers students to face the financial challenges and improve their financial well being, when they start earning. The financial decision making that students learn in college have an important influence on their financial situation after college.

The course engages students to use a combination of skills, resources, and contextual knowledge to process information and make decisions with knowledge of the financial consequences of that decision


How does Right Now course on Personal Finance and Money Management help You as a Career Seeker?

    • You learn values relating to spending, borrowing, saving and investing.
    • You learn to develop Financial Goals and prioritize personal needs and wants
    • You learn to develop and follow a personal budget plan and learn strategies for maintaining a financially balanced personal life.
    • Identify steps to saving money
    • Learn the utility and need to protect from lifetime risks – death, medical etc.
    • Identify financial responsibilities associated with debt.
    • Understand ABC of investing
    • The engaging Course prepares you to deal with personal finance confidently and smartly in their life.

The Course ultimately improves financial well being of students.

 For School Students

How does Right Now course on Personal Finance and Money Management help You as a Student?

    • Financial Literacy for school students is first step towards improving financial condition.
    • Research shows that individuals that have taken personal finance education course have a higher savings rate, higher net worth and make larger contribution. So it must be started at this age only.
    • The sessions empower students to build financial capability to make informed monetary choices. Decisions that is relevant to their personal financial well being.
    • Right Now sessions build up economic self defense of students which prevents him / her to fall in financial distress due to lack of financial knowledge.
    • The sessions make financial future more known to the students so that they can be Financially Strong plus Happy All Along.
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