Managing your money is tough, and everyone has a different opinion. Once you get the hang of the basics of personal finance, you can feel more confident about what you do with your money.

"How to be Financially Strong plus Happy All Along"
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  Workshops for  

a)  Working Adults

b)  Young Career Seekers

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(We conduct both inhouse and public workshop on building financial capability)
Personal Financial Literacy in collaboration with Universities, Colleges and Schools.

Providing financial guide to an average family- Gupta Family and Financial Lessons.


Financial Friend is your own user friendly and interactive spreadsheet. Working with real numbers you can implement money management skills on your road to Building Wealth.

Crusade to success in personal finance is 80% behaviour and 20% knowledge. Working with Financial Friend you channelise your behaviour in right direction. Your own personal real numbers reflected by Financial Friend enable you to see the reality and keep track of your progress. The handy Financial Friend   is actually your Friend in need. You store it in your personal computer or laptop and effectively manage your personal finance regularly with much effectiveness.

Financial Friend provides you solutions to 15 critical personal finance money management issues :
Level of your Financial Smartness : Enables you to assess yourself
Household Budget : Helps you taking charge of your money
Savings Goals : Helps you frame your financial goals with real numbers
Loan Calculator : Helps you understand EMI, interest and principal payments
Insurance Requirement : Helps you determine and plan your insurance needs
Investment Performance   Helps you understand your money generation from investment
Your Crorepati Age : Click here to Calculate
Your Retirement Planner : With your Financial Friend you can be in regular touch with your retirement plan and its performance
What is your risk aptitude : You should understand your personal risk profile. Make investments on the basis of your risk profile. Financial Friend helps you find out your risk profile.
And many more...

Financial Friend comes free along-with the book Right Now. You may also order Financial Friend by paying Rs.375/- online
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